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Dryer Series

  • contour: Spray drying is the technology most widely used in the liquid technology s haping and in the drying industry.The drying technology is most suitable for producing solid powder or particle products from liquid materials,such as:solution, emulsion, suspension and pumpable paste states.
  • contour: Purified and heated air is introduced from the bottom through suction fan and passed through the screen plate of raw material. In the work chamber , the state of fiuidization is formed through stirring and negative pressure. The moisture is evaporated and removed rapidly and the raw material is dried quickly.
  • contour: It is an innovation horizontal batch-type vacuum dryer.The moister of wet material will be evaporated by heat transmission. The stirrer with squeegee will remove material on hot surface and move in the container to form cycle flow .The evaporated moisture will be pumped by vacuum pump.
  • contour: Drum dryer is a kind of rotating continuous drying equipment with internal heating conducting-style. Certain thickness of materials film a ttach to the drum from material liquid vessel under the drum. Heat is transferred to the internal wall of the cylinder through pipes and then to the external wall and to materials film, to evaporate the moisture in materials film so as to dry materials.
  • contour: The hot a ir enters into the bottom of the dryer in tangent direction.Under the driving of the stirrer,a powerful rotating wind area is formed.The paste s tate materials enter into the dryer through the s crew charger.Under the powerful function effect of stirring at high-speed roation,the materials a re distributed under the function of s trike,friction and shearing force.The block state materials will soon be smashed and contact the hot air fully and the materials are heated and dried.
  • contour: Raw mate rial is feed into the machine from equipment inlet and move forward continuously along with the horizontal direction under vibratory power. The hot air passes through fluidized-bed and exchange with raw materials'damp, then the wet air is dusted by cyclone separator and exhausted from air outlet,the d ried material is discharged through finished material outlet.
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