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Granulators Series

  • Description: RL granulator uses the characteristic of material which melting point is lower than 250 ℃ and in accordance with the range of viscosity of material when it is molten and adapts special material distributing device to spread molten material onto steel belt with constant moving speed.
  • Description: Because of powder granulating, the uidity can be improved and the powder dust can be reduced.Because of powder granulating, the solubility is improved.The procedures of mixing, granulating and drying can be nished in one step(granulating through one step).
  • Description: The powder raw material and adhesive in a cylinder are fully mixed at the bottom to become a humid soft material. Then it is cut by high-speed cutter and become uniform granules .
  • Description: The machine is mainly suitable for pharmaceutical industry,foodstuff industry,chemical industry,soild drink industry and so on.It can make the stirred raw material granulate the needed the needed granule.Especially,it is suitable for raw materials that have sticky adhesive.
  • Description: There is Iess heal and dust in work.The flxed screen ls made from stainless streel.Tt can not be damaged easily.lt can p rocess adhesive glue hol and weI raw materials.
  • Description: It can make well stirred raw materials become granules of required size of crush the blocked raw materials small granules.The machine is applicable for pharmaceutical,foodstuff,chemical,solid drink and so on lndustries.
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